The Portable Computer was drawn on The Strand, London.

The Politicians Meeting Their End was drawn outside The Bank of England.

The World's Biggest Fly-Spray.


The drawing Babyfood seen from the wrong side.

Self-Portrait Of The Artist With Liquid Refreshment.

Arctic Street Conditions With Soft Drink.

Rembrandts with Rembrandts.

Girl on a beach mat.

Pre-modernist and post-modernist.

This picture is part of a series used by White's Electronics of Inverness in Treasure Hunting magazine.

Swimming-Pool In The High Street.

Here we see the Swimming-Pool, drawn in Glasgow, Scotland, but viewed from the "wrong" side. These drawings only work from one viewpoint otherwise the image appears strangely distorted.

This Make Poverty History drawing was requested by Live8 to support the pressure campaign on the G8 in Edinburgh. It was done in Edinburgh City Centre.

Here we see the same Make Poverty History drawing from the side : it was 13m (40 feet) long.

Is this the real thing ?

Pavement Picasso : This picture was done outside York Minster and appeared in The Sun.

Spiderman to the rescue above and below this London street.

Batman and Robin to the rescue.

Little and Large.

This drawing of a Rescue was to be viewed using an inverting mirror.

Push the boat out.

Waste of water...

Taking the plunge.

Beneath every street...

Beneath every carpark...

Virgin - created in front of the old Bank of England.